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Everything you need to Sponsor a Millionaire’s Club.

Being a Sponsor

Millionaire’s Club Sponsors play a crucial role in building successful, life-long personal finance skills for Club members. Being a Millionaire’s Club Sponsor is an effective, economical means of connecting with young members and their parents.

The Millionaire’s Club includes twenty-seven lessons designed to improve Club members’ personal finance skills.  Those lessons are combined with an investment simulation, fun competitions, and an entrepreneurial project to create an engaging program for young members to enjoy in the classroom, or online.

Self-study Club

Members participate independently or a with small group of friends on a Sponsor’s privately-branded Club site.

School-based Club

Typically consists of 15 to 50 students and are led by a classroom teacher either during or after school.

Course Materials

Millionaire’s Club materials are provided digitally for school-based Clubs.  Self-study, privately-branded Clubs are offered online through a Millionaire’s Club student portal where Club members learn at their own pace.


  • Money Management
  • Borrowing
  • Earning Power
  • Investing
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance

Each module is presented in four to five lessons with activities that can be completed in approximately 45 to 60 minutes each.


Club members can engage in local, regional, and national competitions including The Stock Market Game™, The Personal Finance Challenge™, and The Economics Challenge™.  Nominal fees may apply to register for the Stock Market Game™.

Self-Study Millionaire’s Clubs

  • With the self-study Millionaire’s Club, members engage independently (or with a few friends) in the 27-lesson online course, competitions, investment simulation, and entrepreneurial project, progressing at their own pace.

Privately-Branded Club Option

  • Club Sponsors have the option of a privately-branded self-study Millionaire’s Club site bearing the Sponsor’s name and/or logo. (i.e.: Dollar Credit Union Millionaire’s Club.)
  • Club Sponsors can offer the self-study Millionaire’s Club as a valuable asset for members (parents & students).

School-Based Millionaire’s Club

  • School-based Clubs carry the school name (i.e.: Jefferson High Millionaire’s Club).
  • Typically, sponsors provide school-based Clubs with seed funding as detailed in a Club Agreement. Generally, sponsors provide Clubs with annual seed funding of $500 per year through the Club’s first three years.
  • School-based Clubs require school approval, recruiting a teacher to lead the Club, and attracting student members.

    Teachers and school administrators register to access lesson plans, materials, and guidance on managing their Club.
  • Sponsors may provide occasional guest speaking engagements on topics like “selecting a financial institution,” “responsible borrowing,” “preventing identity theft,” etc.

Creating a School-Based Club

1. Complete a Club Agreement and have it signed by all parties after agreeing on your Club funding (if any).
2. Direct your Club’s teacher to register on this site to access tools needed to deliver the Club’s curriculum, select competitions, and develop their entrepreneurial project.
3. When your Club Advisor has recruited Club members, schedule an official Club launch (see Launch Day below)
4. Prepare the first year’s seed grant award check if you are providing funding to your Club.
5. Order a Club banner in the SHOP section of this site.

Launch Day

  1. Download a Sample Club Launch Agenda
  2. Bring food!  (Pizza, doughnuts, etc. are always well-received)
  3. Present the Club banner
  4. Award the first year’s seed grant
  5. Welcome the student members, thank them for their involvement, and pledge your support
  6. If the school’s principal is available, have them say a few words.
  7. Take a photograph of the Club participants with their new banner

After Club Launch

  1. Issue a news release announcing your Millionaire’s Club.  Download sample release.
  2. Promote the Club launch with photos and in your newsletter and/or website. Download a sample article.
  3. Schedule guest speaking engagements with your Club’s Advisor.
  4. Stay connected with your Club.