About the Millionaire's Club

Developing powerful personal finance skills


The Millionaire’s Club is designed to develop powerful personal finance skills through a combination of traditional course work, a virtual investment platform, an entrepreneurial project, and fun competitions.

The Millionaire’s Club can be experienced in a traditional teacher-led classroom setting or through independent study where Club members engage in self-paced modules alone or with one or more close friends.


Everything you need to develop successful, life-long financial skills is available on this site. Your Millionaire’s Club experience is presented in six self-study modules focused on various personal finance topics. Those modules are divided into shorter, easy-to-complete specific-subject lessons. Modules and lessons build upon each other to create a broad, useful understanding of successful personal finance skills.

Optional investment simulations, competitions, and an entrepreneurial project round out your Millionaire’s Club experience.


The Millionaire’s Club lesson plan, teacher guide, and student materials are provided in digital format for classroom use and are supplemented with presentations in MS PowerPoint™ format and fillable student worksheets in MS Word™ format that can be printed or distributed digitally.

Instructional modules progress through six specific areas of focus and may be combined with optional investment simulations and a student-run entrepreneurial project.

Your Club’s credit union sponsor adds professional resources like guest speakers and seed funding for stock market simulation fees and entrepreneurial project start-up costs as outlined in your Club Agreement.

CU Sponsors

Credit Union Club sponsors have two options.  You can choose one or both options.

  1. Clubs delivered in a classroom setting, where sponsors’ roles include finding a school and teacher interested in offering the program, recruiting students, providing occasional guest speakers, and contributing start-up financial support as outlined in a Club Agreement. (link)

  2. Clubs offered direct-to-members, where credit unions are provided their own branded Millionaire’s Club self-study site and participants learn at their own pace, enjoying access to the same resources, investing simulations, and competitions available to school-based Clubs.