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Everything you need to know about your Millionaire’s Club.

School-Based & Self-Study Programs

The Millionaire’s Club improves personal finance skills and develops positive life-long habits to fuel financial independence, starting at a young age.

The Club uses easy-to-understand concepts combined with investment simulations, friendly competitions, and an entrepreneurial project to create an engaging learning experience.

Clubs are either school-based where a classroom of Club members participate together, or a self-study online program where students participate independently or with a small group of friends.

To learn more about school-based Clubs, see the “Teacher” link on our homepage.

This page focuses on the self-study Millionaire’s Club.

What You Will Learn

The Millionaire’s Club is presented as six courses, each with four or five focused lessons, for a total of twenty-seven sessions that can be completed in approximately 45 minutes each.

Millionaire’s Club Includes:

Money Management

Control Your Cash Flow


Use It, Don’t Abuse It

Earning Power

More Than A Paycheck


Control Your Cash Flow

Financial Services

Taking Care of Your Cash


Protect What You Have

How You Will Learn

Every Millionaire’s Club session is led by virtual Club Advisors.  You will be guided, step-by-step, through materials, activities, and competitions by your Advisors.  You can participate in investment simulations, and launch your own business through your Millionaire’s Club entrepreneurial project.

Progress will be monitored and displayed on your personal Club page where you learn at a comfortable pace that fits into your schedule.


Once you have begun to sharpen your personal finance skills, we encourage you to  engage in local, regional, and national competitions including The Stock Market Game™, The Personal Finance Challenge™, and The Economics Challenge™. 

Nominal registration fees may apply to participate in the Stock Market Game™.

Entrepreneurial Project

Have you ever wanted to start your own business?  The Millionaire’s Club entrepreneurial project provides valuable hands-on experience in creating, planning, and running a micro-business. 

Through your project you will develop organizational, marketing, and sales skills.  The Millionaire’s Club Entrepreneurial Project Planning Guide will help you succeed.

How to Begin

You can start your Millionaire’s Club online self-study right away!  And it’s more fun with friends, so ask a friend or two to join you now by introducing them to this site, MillionairesClub.Org.

Some of the competitions, like the Personal Finance Challenge™, require that all team members attend the same school, so keep that in mind.

Ready to begin your journey to financial independence?