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Tara"In the Millionaire’s Club we learn all the things that people should know coming out of high school that a lot of people don't know."

Student Member


Chris Conway"A successful credit union needs to have multiple tools in their toolbox to reach the membership in the community and sponsorship of the Millionaire's club is one of those avenues."

Chris Conway
CEO, Educational Systems FCU


Andrew Cockley"I find that students are drawn to and benefit the most from projects that they see as authentic. The Millionaire's Club is one such program and I know it is providing our school's students with a valuable personal finance foundation that will serve them throughout their adult lives."

Andrew Cockley


Sofiya"The Millionaire's Club taught me so much that other classes didn't - about real life as opposed to like, "x + y."

Student Member


Leanne"For a credit union to come into the school, start this Club, help kids like me - I wish that more businesses would do that for their local communities. I love them for it. I am a member of a credit union, now!"

Student, Club Chairperson


Grant"These skills we're learning aren't just for a particular career field. They can be applied to anybody's life and should be applied to everyone's life."

Student Member


Teresa Grauer"There has to be change in the way that we, as a people, actually manage our finances."

Teresa Grauer
Teacher, Club Advisor


"The need for the Club exists because there is a growing need to have these topics explored but nowhere else to explore them, so a Club is the perfect setting for it. I think that's why the response has been so overwhelming."

Bernadine Bechta
Teacher, Club Advisor


Maddy Halbach"As a teacher, I think that it's absolutely a program that you can make your own. The curriculum is very strong. It's easy to understand and easy to deliver."

Maddy Halbach
Teacher, Club Advisor


Sofiya"Being in the Millionaire's Club has taught me that I can grow financially, starting at a young age."

Student Member


Janet Oursler"What sold me on having a Millionaire's Club and becoming a sponsor was how excited the kids were."

Janet Oursler
CEO, Howard County Education FCU


Praneeth"A lot of the members that we have now are already talking to their bankers. They're talking to their parents trying to get money to invest, so I think we're making an impact."

Student, Club President


"When I walk into the Millionaire's Club I feel this sort of energy right before I come in."

Student Member