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Milford Mill Academy Adds Millionaire's Club

Securityplus FCU, Baltimore, MD; has sponsored their first Millionaire's Club financial education experience at Milford Mill Academy.  The new Club brings the total number of Millionaire’s Clubs to forty-four sites. 

Students at Milford Mill now enjoy a new resource for developing their personal finance skills, engaging in investment simulations and financial competitions with other schools, and performing an annual entrepreneurial project.

“Securityplus strives to be involved in the communities we serve,” said Securityplus CEO Brett Noll.  “We view the Millionaire’s Club as a natural extension of our credit union’s mission and know that the Club will deliver personal finance skills that will help Milford Mill students become financially independent and successful.”

Millionaire’s Club members learn how to budget, select financial service providers, protect their assets, borrow responsibly, make good career choices, and employ successful investment strategies.  Students meet regularly and are guided by their Club Advisor, Academy faculty member, Stephanie Lawrence.

Millionaire’s Clubs were created to help credit unions serve local high school students through a complete financial education offering.  Millionaire’s Clubs have been growing and as of this writing over 1,800 students benefit annually from their participation.

School Clubs are provided seed grants, detailed curriculum, and faculty/student materials at no charge.  Clubs are entered into local, regional, and national competitions such as The Stock Market Game™, the Budget Challenge™, and The Personal Finance Challenge™.  Additional support materials add a fun, competitive edge to the Club's activities.

Millionaire's Clubs have produced State and National personal finance champions as well as first-place Stock Market Game™ competitors.